Net Financial Assets

The measure of the net holdings of financial assets across national borders.


Citizens’ Wealth

Angela Cummine, political theorist at Oxford University and Director of the Wealth Project, discusses the history and thought behind modern day sovereign wealth funds, asking the question: What measures are needed to ensure that the management of sovereign funds truly reflects, promotes and protects the interests and values of their citizen-owners? For the full podcast, click here.

Academic Article

Colin Mayer on Finance, Wealth, Tech, and Regulation

There is a large body of evidence on the relationship between financial systems and wealth creation. Colin Mayer discusses how the technological revolution is transforming finance and how regulation is responding to it. He argues that there are fundamental defects in regulation that are giving rise to regulatory arbitrage and the emergence of a parallel, unregulated financial system.

Full paper


Dimitri Zenghelis on Cities and Wealth

Over the next fifty years, most new wealth will be accumulated in cities; this includes physical infrastructure (road, rail, electricity, telecommunications and sanitation), productive capital (houses, offices and factories) and knowledge capital (skills, knowhow and ideas). The development of cities will also determine humanity’s ability to preserve natural capital. Consequently, urbanisation deserves urgent attention from policymakers, academics and businesses worldwide. Dimitri Zenghelis discusses how well-governed, connected, clean cities are likely to attract productive capital, talent, and creativity; while bad governance and inaction over planning can erode progress for decades to centuries.